Translator’s Issues (1)

I receive from time to time critics from clients meaning that the target text isn't close enough to the source text. It is indeed rather hard to determine how much latitude translators have in rephrasing [...]

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Translators usually compile technical terms into glossaries in order to facilitate and bring accuracy to their job. Glossaries can be bilingual or multilingual. A glossary is composed of one entry for the source language and [...]

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Teambuilding With Freelancers

Translation is a very competitive business. Globalisation and the internet has increased the demand for translation, but also facilitated outsourcing at the same time. Many translators I work with live in South America or South [...]

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Your Translation Service in Vienna

Le Loup Translations moved to the 17th district of Vienna, Austria. We now answer to your translation needs at the following address: Zeillergasse 38/9-10 1170 Vienna, Austria. Your Le Loup Translations Team

Translation Memories Management

The management of translation memories is of prime importance in the field of technical translation. What is a translation memory? This is a basic data which can be summarized in a simple table with two [...]

Wage increases would not be bad for Europe!m

The recent peremptory statement of the President of the European Central Bank (ECB) on the increase of wages (“the worst thing to do at the present moment”) illustrates the point at which the “TINA” (there [...]

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Tax cuts stimulate growth? No they don’t.

George Bush the Elder (pictured) described the idea as Voo-Doo Economics, but like other too-good-to-be-true patent remedies, the idea that tax cuts for business stimulate investment and growth just won’t die. Over the past 30 [...]

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Sudan and Oil Politics

With the Sudanese referendum this week, Nnimmo Bassey looks back at Nigeria’s civil war in 1967, what is at stake for South Sudan and the role of oil in the region. As Sudanese vote this [...]

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